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About Noriko

Noriko is a passionate Japanese language teacher with over 25 years of experience working with adults and children.

Noriko has spent the last 18 years teaching young children. During this time, she discovered the Orff Approach, a powerful creative tool to unleash a student’s full potential. She has completed course levels 1-3 and continues her professional development in this field by attending various Orff workshops and courses, including the Salzburg Orff Summer International Course. In collaboration with music teacher Michele Ellis, Noriko has developed a range of educational tools that have been incorporated into school events and projects.

Noriko collaborated on two STEAM programs based on Japanese cultural events: Star Festival Tanabata and Children’s Day Celebration Kodomo no Hi. One of Noriko’s career highlights was working with Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum as a Tanabata storyteller during the summer school holiday period.

Noriko aims to deliver Japanese language workshops and programs incorporating the Orff Approach while expanding artistic collaboration with other creatives and organisations.

Noriko previously spent six years teaching adults Japanese business protocol, Japanese culture, and the Japanese language. She has taught at a wide variety of levels, including HSC students and executives.

As Head Teacher at the Tokyo Language and Culture Centre, Noriko designed student courses and developed and conducted training courses. Her role with the Centre expanded to Education Development Manager.

In addition to being a passionate teacher, she is also a member of the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, plays the violin for North Sydney Orchestra, and performs in musicals and operas. She has a passion for stage work and finds that this experience enhances her ability to arrange major collaborative works. She has attended various courses at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), including Acting Techniques, TV presenting Techniques, Directing for the Stage, Voice, Singing, and Musical Theatre courses.

Noriko welcomes opportunities to collaborate with organisations in different fields to develop Japanese language and culture programs and present children’s educational programs.

Japanese music teacher
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