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Tanabata: Star Village (Powerhouse Museum and Sydney Observatory)

School Holiday Program

Tanabata is a Japanese folktale about two stars, Orihime the cloud weaver and Hikoboshi the cow herder, who met and fell in love in the night sky. Midori Furze led a series of origami workshops and Noriko Yamanaka was the story teller. Storytelling sessions at the Powerhouse Museum introduced children to the Japanese fable of Orihime and Hikoboshi. The art installation was by Chaco Kato, which showcased her amazing artistic capabilities, asking the children to use yarn so that could experience weaving. 


The following activities were particularly enjoyable for the children:


They made a 'Tanzaku,' or wish stripe, then hung it on a bamboo tree. Midori taught the children to create an Origami 'Tanabata' decoration and exhibit it.  


The children were able to practise weaving with colourful yarns. Another highlight was experimenting with sound system trees.

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