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Sing Move Nihongo

Japanese Culture Workshops

Sing Move Nihongo is passionate about delivering Japanese culture workshops for children using the multi-sensory Orff Approach.


Discover some of Japan's most popular festivals and ancient mythology with your qualified teacher and children's presenter, Noriko Yamanaka.

All workshops are run during the school holidays to ensure all children have access to the delights of Sing Move Nihongo.

Children's Japanese Culture Workshops


Using the Orff Approach, students are encouraged to sing, dance, and create colourful Japanese artworks, all whilst learning a new language in an environment that fosters collaboration and community.


Visit the gallery to view workshops including the International Orff Summer Course and Noriko's musical performances. 


IMG_0237 Origami phot.jpeg
Japanese Culture Workshops


Please get in touch with Noriko to enquire about workshops, lessons and events.

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